Theme: Grace for National Transformation||Date: Saturday 25 March 2017

The All Believers Career & Business Retreat is a gathering of believers that are professionals & business owners stirring them through prayer and the word to apply kingdom principles to marketplace challenges while bringing glory to God and honour to the body. The retreat features worship, prayers, discussion session from Christian professionals who understand Gods expectation for their careers and businesses.

This year, we have a leading of God to look at the theme ‘Grace for National Transformation’. We understand that 3 critical components that transform nations include a vibrant and Spirit led Church, Good Governance and a thriving Private Sector.


While there are several people with a deep burden to see the Nation Nigeria live up to its full potential and the kingdom of God find expression through it there seems to be so much activity but yet no result. For some, the pulpit seems to be the only platform of service to God to speak against injustice and chaos in the land. For others, the social media creates a platform for preaching and venting of their frustrations.

Others consider the enormity of the task of Nation building and just sigh without a clue of how to contribute their quota towards nation building. As we have seen through the pages of scriptures, God is ready at this time, seeking for men he can release his grace upon to interpret the dreams of rulers, convert their shepherd staff and fishing boats (qualifications, careers and businesses) to platforms to birth an unprecedented transformation in our Nation.

The revival we anticipate would not be constrained within the four walls of the church but will radiate through the 3 cardinal sectors (Corporate World, Church & Public Sector).

The prophetic destiny of our dear country is hinged on men and women in these 3 sectors. Men and women, who appear as ordinary professionals, business men and women. Men who perhaps all they have is a knowing within them that they were designed to play a part in reviving our land but feel too inadequate like Gideon to launch out.

We believe God is deliberately recruiting and positioning believers in these 3 sectors but a good number are ill equipped (spiritually & professionally) are afraid or have literarily forgotten that the country and heaven needs us (believers) more at a time such as this. The goal of this year’s meeting is to bring together Christian professionals, unveil biblical truths to them and also impart them with Grace that would propel them to pursue with courage Gods purpose whilst remaining incorruptible in a corrupted world.


At this retreat there shall be an outpouring. We hear the master saying come and drink, It shall be within you a river that will bless the nation and the nations of the earth.