Liberty Career Academy was established with the mandate of assisting organizations and individuals irrespective of demographic differences discover their core essence, equip them with the right competencies and guide them in properly expressing it via their careers or business.

At LCA, we believe that in every human created is an endowment of innate capabilities and talents which are expressed in our interests and personality traits.

Where properly harnessed, developed and channeled in the right jobs or business enterprise, the result is not only in the emergence of high fliers but solution providers who would bring positive growth to their respective employers, trigger societal change, provide solutions to   problems as well as enjoy inward fulfilment.

Our mandate is summarized in the word



The greatest discovery is knowing who you are, what you are divinely equipped with and capable of doing.


The beauty of gold only emerges through the furnace of the refining process.


Getting things done is the ultimate hurdle before success.


Achievers are simply individuals and entities that have discovered and applied the right principles to their endeavors.

Our Vision

To raise a generation of individuals who see their jobs, businesses or enterprise as a vehicle for God to touch lives, transform businesses and cause societal transformation and drive sustainable national development.

Our Mission

We assist individuals and corporate organizations Identify, Develop, Execute & Achieve fulfillment through their careers and businesses.


Professional Services

We understand that there needs to be a synergy/alignment between the goals and efforts of management and their individual employees.

We deploy bespoke (Inplant) training, workshop, coaching, resourcing and consulting programs for organizations that enable them leverage the collective capabilities of their team for collective success.

Such programs are run based on requests.

Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise arm focuses on leveraging our core competencies in achieving societal transformation through a number of outreach programs which focuses on career development & business support.

Here, we adopt a progressive career development approach which enables us hand hold you from the cradle of your career pursuit to maturity. We do this across three basic levels;

Level 1 (Basic)

This program which adopts a Catch Them Young (CTY) methodology is targeted at teenagers and adolescents within the secondary/high school age bracket.

We believe that the early identification, correct and guided training of young individuals increases their chances of pursuing the right careers.

The academy organizes career discovery seminars and allied programs in conjunction with interested schools to help provide instruction and directive to the students before they make the choice of which career to pursue.

Free counselling from members of our faculty is also provided during and after the seminars with mentorship opportunities available as well.

The Career and Stewardship (CaS) Boot Camp is the flagship program for this level.

Level 2 (Intermediate)

The targets for this level are individuals who are in tertiary institutions as well as those serving in the mandatory, one year National Youth Service (NYSC) scheme. Our mandate at this level is to help students/corps members make ‘the student to employee or entrepreneur’ transition smoothly through our seminars, boot camps, and other training programmes.

These seminars are organized at tertiary institutions and features breakout sessions focusing on different knowledge areas relevant for pursuing a fruitful career.

Mock interviews, CV screening, career counselling, mentorship among other hands on sessions are some of the features for this category of programs.

Level 3 (Advanced)

At LCA, we believe that your career is expected to have an alignment with your life purpose.  We also believe that the career which you are expected to fulfil in life is not designed to just put bread on the table or ‘keep body and soul together’ but to meet a need, to solve a problem.

Several individuals are engaged in jobs they loathe; some are in the right careers but are stagnant. Most of them either do not know what to do or how to do it. These category of individuals form the target category of the third level of our programs.

Special retreats at off site locations are organized with the aim of rediscovering, repositioning and helping people make adequate career and retirement transitions.

The flagship program for this level is the All Believers Career & Business Retreat